Spring Cleaning Car Hacks

Spring is in full effect and it’s that time of year again where we need to get our cars out those Wintry blues!

Here are some easy tips and tricks to get started on your spring car cleaning:

  1. Olive Oil Dashboard Polish– This simple kitchen ingredient will get your ride looking brand new and smelling much better.
  2. Compressed Air– Instead of using a foam brush or cloth, compressed air is an effective way to blast out the debris from your vents.
  3. Get Deep Into Those Crevices– Use a flat head of a screwdriver and cover it with a rag to get into those tricky spots in your car.
  4. Streak-Free Windshield Wipers– Tired of your wipers smearing your vision? Douse your wipers in rubbing alcohol to get smear-free wipers this Spring.
  5. Reduce Cup Holders Clutter– Insert cupcake liners into your cup holders. When clutter builds up, simply replace them with more liners.
  6. Clean Grill, No Bugs– Keep your car’s grill insect free this Spring with dryer sheets.
  7. Brighten Your HeadlightsKeep your headlights bright by cleaning them with toothpaste. The baking soda inside works wonders!
  8. Clean The Ceiling– It’s very dusty above you believe it or not. Invest in a microfiber cloth to clean the ceiling of your car.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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